An insight to pin end spiral scroll saw blades.

Where can I get pin end spiral scroll saw blades? This question has often come up from various scrollers and from completely different sources, particularly from the newbie’s into the profession.

Therefore, I decided to try and do some analysis to envision if there was such a factor and maybe offer a solution.

The quick answer to the present question is that Spiral scroll saw blades are solely accessible in Plain finish / Pinless kind. There aren’t any scroll saw blade makers that manufacture fastened / pin end spiral power saw blades.

Even the website of Bear Woods has a disclaimer stating that for pin end spiral scroll saw blades they recommended victimization of the AC49610 conversion kit in case someone needs a spiral blade and if the saw solely accepts pin finish blade sorts.

Spiral scroll saw blades

Scroll saws are tiny electrical saws that immobilise end curve scroll saw blades won’t cut individual curves in woods, metals, and different materials.

We advocate scroll saws that use the pinless scroll saw blades.

· Pin blades are thicker, wider, and not sensible for inside cutting as a result of they’re not suited to the tiny low trained hole.

·  The blade suspension mechanism you select can confirm how you operate the machine, what projects you’ll be able to do, and blade availableness.

Before getting into the types of the blades and their sizes, you need to know properly about your task and then only should you consider the appropriate blade for the task.

Scroll saw blades are primarily two types –pin-end or pin-less, whereas the scroll saw spiral blades are of 7 types. Let us list them down for you.

  • Standard Tooth Blades
  • Skip-Tooth Blades
  • Double-Tooth Blades
  • Reverse Skip-Tooth Blades
  • Precision Ground Blades
  • Crown Tooth Blades

Pin end spiral scroll saw blades

Pin-end blades have a little cross pin in every finish which is the main distinction between the 2 styles of blades. These pins rest in an exceedingly hook-like holder. The upper side and main point of Pin-End systems are that they’re abundant easier and faster to vary.

But you might be thinking what length miter saw I require? This is a query that almost all individuals raise at some point in time when it comes to miter saws. The type of job you would be doing would actually determine the size of your miter saw.

A miter saw with a giant-sized blade (12-inches & above) will build wider and deeper cuts whereas a smaller sized miter saw (10-inches & below) is a lot economical and easy to handle.

The drawback to Pin-End blades is two-fold & there less availableness. As you get more ambitious along with your choice of projects, the Pin-end blades (because of the pins) might not be ready to be rib through terribly tiny holes needed.

5 inch pin end spiral scroll saw blades

5-inch pin end scroll saw blades (the 5” is measured between the pins) measure the foremost standard scroll saw blades. Perfect for Sears Craftsman, Penn State, Delta, Ryobi, and all scroll saws.

5” pin finish blades supply a selection of tooth designs that features Regular, Hook, Skip and Skip Reverse.5 inch scroll saw blades are factory-made out of high carbon spring steel.

Teeth Per inch vary from the foremost course having 7 TPI, to the finest having 25 TPI. Olson’s Pin finish scroll saw Blades are available in packs of half-dozen, 12, one Gross (144pcs), And an 18pc assortment of 5” pin end blades. 

• Pin-less Spiral scroll saw blades

Plain-end blades are what you’d imagine when thinking of a generic cutting blade. This kind of blade is completely flat and is pinched in place between the jaws of tiny clamps on the power saw.

 One clamp is on top of the worktable of the scroll saw while the other is below the table. The blade is threaded through a cut within the table therefore it’s going to reciprocate up and down freely.

The Plain-End blades are a lot of widely accessible and considered the quality for many long-time. All our blades are Plain-End (pin-less

Spiral Scroll Saw Blades Size

These blades are merely a gaggle of blades twisted along. You will be able to cut all the told directions while not turning the wood.

As we progress in scroll saw Blades, familiarity with common acronyms and words can make things much easier.

Blade Size

There is no real official measuring fundamental for scroll saw blades but the industrial standards have settled upon a system of listing blades for pointing the physical size of the blade and also the tooth count, measured in TPI.

Scroll saw blades sizes usually vary from #12 to #2/0 or #3/0. The higher the amount of teeth is, the thicker & wider the blade will be and therefore the fewer TPI on the blade.

TPI or Teeth Per inch

This is precisely what it says. TPI is the number of teeth per inch on the scroll saw blade. We will now discuss about TPI and its importance while choosing your saw blade.

The blades with less TPI (teeth per inch) can cut with additional sharpness. As an example, a blade with eight TPI cuts quicker than a blade with twelve TPI, but there’s additional management with a blade that has 12 TPI.

Scroll saws are typically used to cut tangled curves and joints, a task they will complete quickly and with nice accuracy. They will even be used to cut dovetail joints.

There is a unit a couple of applications for this type of blade, however, they leave a really rough, wide surface, cannot build a decent or sharp corner and have a bent to stretch as you employ them.

Spiral scroll saw blades with pins

Pinned blades are found in older models of scroll saws, but they’re still found nowadays in several scroll saws – as most models will settle for each pinned and pin-less blades.

Pinned blades, like their name suggests, uses pins to carry the blade into place.

It’s quite straightforward to alter these blades, as they’re held into place by a holding hook, connected to a cross-piece that rests inside the hook.

To unleash these blades, it’s as simple as adjusting the strain of the blade, which can then be simply removed from the hook.

Olson scroll saw blades

Olson has been the number one manufacturer of jigsaw scroll saw blades for quite eighty years, providing a full line of superior quality blades for many scrolling applications.

Olson blades are used with scroll/jig saw machines and are oversubscribed by Delta, DeWalt, Dremel, Skill, Rockwell, Pro-Tech, Powermatic, Rb Industries, Hegner, Sakura, Shopsmith, Excalibur, Rexon, Ryobi, Sears Craftsman, and Makita (Virtually all domestic and foreign scroll saws).

  • They can also be utilized in hand-held fret and jewelers saw frames.

·   Olson jigsaw blades are a pacesetter within the trade. Olson Saw has been producing jigsaw blades for over eighty years.

·  They provide each pin finish jigsaw blades and plain finish jigsaw blades in normal and specialized sizes.

The Olson jigsaw blades are 5″ long and alternative sizes of the jigsaw blades are also available if you order as per your necessity.

Flying Dutchman scroll saw blades

FLYING DUTCHMAN sawing machine blades are made of prime quality steel. All our blades are five inches long and pin-less.

Flying Dutchman is a brand of Mike’s Workshop, a corporation specializing in scroll saw blades.

You’ll combine and match within the same blade class for discounted valuation and select from several widespread sizes.

FLYING Dutchman sawing machine blades are fully the best blades obtainable.

Hegner scroll saw blades

These exceptional machines became popular in the world of the industry within the late 1970s, and retain an unmatched reputation for performance and worth.

Made in Germany, these machines still provide the highest quality, simple use, and longevity of any scroll saw brand presently obtainable.

A HEGNER high-performance precision Saw can change your way of cutting by making you readily follow tangled patterns in a wide selection of materials and thicknesses.

You can create on-site turns whenever you wish, establish inside cuts simply, and manufacture smooth sawn edges while not sanding; and all this with normal, cheap blades.

Most machines excel in one area or the other, however, HEGNER saws inspiringly address every classic scroll-sawing need:

  • Fast and simple blade installation.
  • Low stress on blades for extended life.
  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • Precise blade guidance for max for maximum and accuracy.
  • Extremely reliable and durable construction and a space-saving configuration.

HEGNER Saws are enjoyed by individuals in almost every respect.

For hobbyists, they supply unmatched pleasure; for professionals, superior productivity and an unmatched return on investment.

In these forty years since HEGNER Saws were introduced, many specialists and, a lot of significantly, hundreds of thousands of glad owners have experienced and confirmed HEGNER’s superior technology and performance.

Craftsman scroll saw blades

You’ll have a spread of best sawing machine blades at the ready with the Craftsman pin end sawing machine blades. Every blade is pin-end vogue and designed to suit machines that need a 5-inch pin blade.

They install simply and deliver surprisingly clean, fine cuts as you saw through wood or plastic 3/32-inch to 1/2-inch thick. Trust within the reliability of the Craftsman brand of tools for home projects or operating in a very skilled look.

  • 5″ Pin blades
  • High carbon steel

The Craftsman pin finish sawing machine blade assortment pack comes with fifteen blades. The blade has a dimension of 0.10 inch by 0.07 inch.

They match dead for all 15-inch and 16-inch foreign scroll saws, providing the precise cuts you would like with ultra-sharp blades.

They’re made of high steel for sturdiness and strength, designed to exceed your expectations once you are using them.

 The sharp teeth, with 5 inches between pins, saw through woods and plastics thick or skinny with ease.

  • Great for cutting through wood or plastic of a spread of thicknesses, from 3/32″ to 1/2″ thick.
  • Fit simply inside machines that need a 5″ pin blade; use in 15″ and 16″ foreign scroll saws.
  • Blade widths area unit zero.10″ and 0.07″.
  • High carbon steel blades are sturdy and powerful.
  • Precise, clean cuts with ultra-sharp teeth and 5 inches between pins.


There are not any saw blade makers that turn out fastened / pin end spiral saw blades. Some factors that may discourage blade makers from manufacturing pin end spiral blades would be lack of demand, usefulness, and quality.

And the 5-inch pin end spiral scroll saw blades are the most standard scroll saw blades which are broadly used.Spiral blades with pins would be nearly not possible to use on fine fretwork for instance.

I suggest scroll saws that use the pin-less scroll saw blades. Pin blades are thicker, wider, and not sensible for intricate, inside cutting because they won’t match through a small-drilled hole.

Frequently Asked Question

Do they make pin end spiral scroll saw blades?

  • There are no scroll saw blades manufacturers that produce pinned / pin end spiral scroll saw blades.

What are spiral scroll saw blades used for?

  • Spiral blades are twisted. A 360° capability permits cutting in any direction. These are used for intrinsic cuts and joints.

Can a scroll saw cut glass?

  • Yes, you can but the only thing you need to know is that the rotary blade of the saw has a ‘diamond’ edge and cuts under a liquid such as water or other.

 How do you put a pinless blade on a scroll saw?

  • First, you have to unplug the saw then release the blade tension and loosen the blade mounts then replace the old blade with a new one and tighten the blade mounts then Re-tension the blade, and plug-in the saw.

Can you cut tile with a scroll saw?

  • Yes, we can cut tile with a scroll saw as scroll saws are versatile but you have to use a proper blade for it.

 What kind of blade do you use to cut ceramic tile?

  • A diamond-tipped, smooth-edged blade is the best type of blade to cut ceramic tiles. This can be as a result of it leaves a fine looking smooth cut.
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