Makita cordless pole saw Product Review

Makita cordless pole saw is a versatile creation of Makita and is no doubt a best!It gives a clean and accurate cut without any sort of binding. Since it’s not heavy it remains well balanced even at unextended length.

The 10 reversible sprocket nose bar in Makita cordless pole saw makes the process of pruning process easier and efficient. When paired with a Makita powerhead and an extension the system becomes super sharp, powerful, and lightweight.

Are you looking for the best cordless pole saw right now? To know what makes Makita cordless pole saw the best cordless pole saw, stick with us till the end.

Now, before discussing any details about Makita cordless pole saw, let’s find out what is a pole saw. A pole saw is nothing but a saw attached at the end of a pole.

The different types of pole saws are-

  • Gas-powered pole saw- These pole saws are heavy-duty pole saws and popularly used among professionals. It’s easy to use and is extremely powerful.
  • Electric pole saw- These pole saws as the name suggests use electricity to run, instead of gas. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack hence can only be used for a shorter period.
  • Manual pole saw- These are just simple pole saws that do not require any electricity or gas to run. It is much more convenient to use as it has a less damaging effect on the task.

The most prominent feature of a pole saw is its length. In its compact form, it can provide excellent efficiency and sharp pruning. In the end, we will find out the different jobs done by Makita cordless pole saw.


If you are wondering as to why you should purchase Makita cordless pole saw, here is the answer. Makita is one of the oldest and most trusted brands when it comes to power tools. They have always designed durable tools.

Makita tools are trusted globally, for their innovation and premium quality products like Stihl pole saw, Dewalt pole saw, cordless pole saw Dewalt, etc.

Here are some points that make Makita cordless pole saw stand out of the crowd-

  • From the price point of view, it’s pretty inexpensive.
  • It’s lightweight, therefore easy to carry.
  • It can reach an unextended length, so there is no need for a ladder.

These are some relevant points that make Makita a better and innovative manufacturer than other companies.


Let’s quickly take a look at what can you expect to get as a package if you purchase Makita cordless pole saw.

  • 10″ GUIDE BAR (165695-7) [1 NOS]
  • CHAIN PROTECTOR (452093-7) [1 NOS]
  • 10″ SAW CHAIN (196142-7) [1 NOS]


Customers of Makita who have been using Makita tools for a long time compliment this particular product a lot.To know in what way this product is soo efficient, we need to dive deep into its features.

So let’s know about the characteristic feature of the Makita cordless pole saw. So here we go,

1) The Makita cordless pole saw is super lightweight which makes it easier physically a more demanding product as it is easier to handle and is travel friendly too.

2) For the sake of efficient pruning it comes with a Translucent bar oil tank with adjustable automatic chain lubrication.

3) It has a steel drive shaft for lesser vibration during working. It has another advantage of longer equipment life.

4) The 10 reversible sprocket nose bar makes the pruning efficient and sharp without any bindings.

5) The best part is its long reach, no one would ever need a pole chainsaw on a ladder again.

6) The couple shaft powerheads are extremely compatible and comes with a variety of couple shaft attachments. Those can be used for trimming, edging, cultivating, and brush cutting.

7) It has almost no hassle or hazard as there is no need for oil mixing or pulling.

8) It is less costly and the maintenance cost is very low.

9) The product dimension is 5.75 x 36.5 x 7.25 inches and weighs around six pounds.

10) It comes with mechanical engine decompression, which makes it start easily and faster.

11) The battery life is pretty impressive, it not only charges fast but also drains out slow. So, one can work hours without thinking about charging it again and again.


Makita cordless pole saw, comes with a reduced sound level and zero emissions, which makes it unique and stands out from other traditional pole saws.


So, by now you are aware of all the features of the product. I hope so far it was convincing enough that this product is no doubt the best.

But everything has both pros and cons. So before investing a single penny one should be aware of is worth the investment?

So let’s check out all the pros and cons of this product-


1) Firstly super lightweight, so definitely easier to handle.

2) Versatile

3) Negligible sound and Zero-emission

4) Inexpensive

5) Durable and strong

6) Super sharp blades


1) The 10-inch chainsaw is a bit difficult to work with without proper adjustments of the chain blade.

2) The torque is a bit low so, you need to start to cut with the saw spinning right before it touches the limb.

Like a coin has two sides, similarly, every product has its pros and cons. However, if we ignore these minor disadvantages overall this Makita cordless tool is brilliant to work with. You can easily rely on it and it’s worth the investment.


If you are a gardener or have a passion for gardening then pole saws and pole chain saws are known terms for you. The major difference lies in their length.

Pole saw is long like a stick that helps in reaching out to heights which pole saws cannot.

We can term pole saws as miniature setups of chain saws.

Here are some advantages of pole saws over chain saws-

  • In terms of power supply, most chainsaws do not necessarily require a power supply, the corded pole saws are at a disadvantage in this aspect.
  • Electric chainsaws are much more powerful.
  • Chainsaws can perform long enough without interruption.
  • Chainsaws are good for use in different kinds of environments.
  • Gas chainsaws have a high level of reliability and durability.

There are also some disadvantages of chain saws over pole saws-

  • Gasoline tools do impact the health of the environment.
  • It produces high-level noises.

Now, did it become a bit confusing as to which one is better?

Then I would suggest pole saws are better than chain saws. However, if you are a professional then chain saws are meant for you.


The Makita cordless pole saw is the best product in the Makita tools product line for its accuracy and premium quality. I would like to take this opportunity to elaborate on some points as to why you should prefer this product.

First of all, it’s all worth the hype. It costs around $199, but it’s a one-time investment for good. It’s perfect for both beginners and professionals, as it is a durable and lightweight design.

But now few questions can arise that what if it stops working? what if some parts need to be replaced?

All you need to do is simply ring the call center or customer service number of the Makita store you bought the product from. Damage caused during the warranty period is entertained and repaired free of cost.

Due to its lightweight, it is very easy to handle and people can easily work with it with ease.

Overall the great features, quality of service provided by Makita, and the price, make it a steal deal for customers. Some customers have been using Makita cordless tools for soo many years and they cannot imagine any other tool except Makita.

So you can invest in this product without hesitations.


You are already well aware of the fact that this tool is pretty powerful and cuts with a lot of precision.

Having known this, let’s know who can get the most benefit out of this product!

This durable product is a perfect fit for professional landscapers, and also for beginners who know the importance of trimming twigs and cutting least once a year essential for proper maintenance.

The pole saw with a battery powerhead works efficiently even on wooden lands.

Due to its long reach, one can cut the limbs by standing on a hillside and can even clean every nasty mess.

The secure attachment makes it sturdy and hence customers find this convenient to work with.

Since it is not a gas pole saw it causes less harm to the environment causing less pollution. Not only that it produces lesser vibrations and noise.

This product is ideal for those who own an orchard and needs proper equipment for maintenance. It will serve as a piece of solid equipment for fulfilling this purpose.

Some customers have been using Makita tools for around 30 years and have converted their entire outdoor tools to Makita.

Another great part is it choke out if the blade goes in a direction to save the blade and attachment.

It can be used to trim down tall trees as in Oak or Palm in the backyard as well, and that of a sharp cut without bindings.

Long story short, if you have a power coupler, and need a great pole saw, this is the one to get.


So finally we are at the end of this review of the Makita cordless pole saw. In this article, we discussed the Makita cordless tool in detail.

Let us sum up few highlighted points about this product.

It is quite natural to still feel a bit confused regarding the purchase. But I can guarantee you, that this product in no way is going to disappoint you.

You can blindfold opt for Makita, it’s the best brand for power tools, everything about them whether it being quality of product or service is excellent. You can rely on me regarding this.

As far as the reviews are concerned it has a super high rating and ruling on all well-known platforms. Its precision, strength, flawless design makes it unique.

All products of Makita are made up of superior selected steel which makes the product durable and classy.

The blades are super sharp and give a smooth precise cut. It is in a much better place than the Stihl pole saw and Dewalt pole saw. It is the best innovative design of Makita.

Hope this article helped you. However, it is always advised to follow the user manual thoroughly before making any changes in the setup.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best cordless pole saw?

— Makita cordless pole saw is the best cordless pole saw in the market. It is super lightweight and cuts sharply with high precision.

Does Makita make a pole saw?

Yes, Makita indeed makes pole saw. The best among them is Makita cordless pole saw which is probably their best and innovative creations to date.

What is the best-powered pole saw?

Makita cordless powered saw is the best-powered saw. It is super powerful with high battery life. Its steel driveshaft is the reason behind the longevity of battery life.

How thick of the branch the pole saw can cut?

 A pole saw is kind of a miniature setup that can cut thin branches. So, if you want to cut thick branches, you should look for a different product meant for the purpose.

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