Dewalt 20v circular saw with battery Review

It’s often confusing to decide which a perfect circular saw with a battery is. The most preferred and talked about the circular saw is the Dewalt 20v circular saw with battery.

Dewalt circular saws are extremely famous and preferred by everyone. This brand seems to be having the most impact on the customers because of its excellent efficiency. Dewalt offers a wide range of circular saws with varied efficiency.

The product is an efficient cutting tool that is efficient for heavy cutting purposes. This product has been known for the beneficiaries to the professionals and also the amateurs.

So let’s find out what makes this circular saw so appealing to everyone and what are its pros and cons. Let us quickly jump into the facts now.

This product helps in cutting the material efficiently without any hazards & you can cut with ease as per your need and convenience. The product is extremely light-weighted and weighs around 20 lbs.

The blade is highly efficient with carbide blade tipped operates on a powerful 5150 rpm motor which increases the cutting capacity & efficiency. The smoothness of the blades ensures that there is no lag and the cuts occur at one go.

The lightweight capacity of the product makes the product portable, as well.The product provides the scope of deep cutting at 90 degrees with a speed of 5150 RPM.


Want to know the details of the prediction? Let’s find out the attributes of the product and analyze them.

The features of the product have been designed to ensure that the cutting capacity is extremely high and smooth without any disturbance. The main focus of this product is to provide immense power to the cutting materials.

  • The 5150 rpm motor in the product ensures a long-lasting efficiency with full power. This helps in reducing the efforts of the users besides helping the users to perform difficult tasks of cutting with ease and without effort.
  • The brushless motor present in the product helps in maintaining the speed under load.
  • This product provides optimal balance with the help of optimized rubber over-molded. The product also provided a comfortable grip so that the cutting can be done easily.
  • The base of this circular saw is a 6 and ½ inch carbide-tipped blade. This blade helps in cutting the material two times at 90 degrees and 45 degrees and more cuts per charge.
  • This product contains magnesium which makes the operation smooth and also ensures portability because of its lightweight.
  • The product has a 0 – 50 degree bevel capacity. This helps in performing aggressive bevel cuts for a multitude of applications.
  • The power tool type of the product is cordless which makes hassle-free handling and also makes it portable.

What to look for while buying?

The product comes with 3 years of guarantee with the facility of the money back. But that is not the only point of evaluation of the product for you while buying it.

Let us know the various factors which make the saw desirable.


One of the most attractive characteristics of this product is its efficiency. The product has been designed in such a way that it can restrict any kinds of hindrance in cutting purposes.

The carbide tipped blade works super fast by maintaining the speed under load. The efficient blade makes cutting easy and reduces pressure. Light pressure on the knob of the blade can cut the materials at several difficult degrees.

The battery of the product is long-lasting. The battery is strong and provides immense power to the Dewalt circular saw.

The product also comes up with rubber over-molds. This helps in better controlling the product and gives long-lasting effects on its efficiency and productivity.

20v Battery

The product comes with a Dewalt 20v battery for maximum efficient and long-lasting use of the product. The focal point of this battery is to make the cutting process faster with the least errors.

The battery needs to be charged once in the data for almost 5 hours in a four-point charger.

The product comes with a Dewalt 20v battery that has lithium-ion elements. It includes one DCB206 6.0Ah XR Battery, one DCB204 4.0Ah Battery, and one DCB203 Compact 2.0Ah Battery.

These batteries are extremely compatible with max Dewalt tools and chargers. The cordless batteries come from heavy-duty to precision

The batteries contain fuel gauge LED charge indicators. The batteries also come with a warranty period of 3years.


One of the most attractive features of the Dewalt circular saw with a battery is that it is extremely lightweight and portable. The portability of the saw makes it available for working on any terrains.

The amount of magnesium makes the circular saw extremely lightweight. Before investing in this product, you should see the fact that whether the product is lightweight and can be carried to all terrains.

Cutting Performance

The prime focus that needs to be kept in mind before investing in a Dewalt 20v circular saw with a battery is its cutting performance. The cutting performance of the product is extremely smooth as it comes with 20V max batteries and top tiers performance with flex volt batteries.

You can also count on the fact that the product is beneficial for accurate nothing and tracking the perfect cutline. The super-efficient blade does not cut abruptly and irrelevantly. This makes cuts accurate, fine, and specific.

Dust Port

Another important thing to look out for in this product is the availability of the dust-port. Before investing in the product, the user must ensure that the product comes up with dust port compatibility.

Dust port compatibility helps in reducing the number of dust particles while the process of cutting goes on.

Although the dust port is often sold separately in Dewalt circular saw 60V, the Dewalt circular saw 20v with batteries provides the dust port along with the product, but the price might vary because of the dust port.

Electronic blade brake

While investing in the product, one thing that you must look out for for sure is the electronic brake blade. It is a safety feature that is incorporated in the predictor.

The Dewalt circular saw 20v with batteries comes with an electronic brake blade that helps in handling the circular saw with safety and cautious precautions.

The spinning blade or the cutter of the product is incorporated with the electronic blade brake that restricts the chances of fatal accidents.

Rafter Hook

Another important feature you must look for in the Dewalt circular saw 20v with batteries is the availability of the rafter hook.

This product generally comes with a rafter hook that helps in the easy hanging of the predictor from any place. Since the product is cordless, therefore, the rafter hook is an essential feature in the product.


The user must also concentrate on the fact the product comes up with 20v max battery life. The efficient battery life of the product ensures that the product is durable.

As a user, you must see that the product is durable and long-lasting with efficiency in the battery.


You must keep in mind that the product comes with a warranty period of at least 3 years. You must also make sure that the warranty period of the circular saw and the battery is different and specific.

The circular saw and the batteries must come up with 3 years of warranty period each.

What are the benefits of buying this saw?

Prior to buying this product, you must be wondering about the advantages that you can get once you have it.

The saw is quite advantageous and has better working ability than many other saws in the market. Let us know about the benefits now.

  • Pros
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The speed of the circular saw is excellent. Since the product runs on a strong battery, the blade spins extremely fast and does not possess any hindrances while cutting.


The blade of the product is accurate enough in cutting any kind of material. Since the blade adjustments of the product are available at 45 degrees to 90 degrees, it is extremely easy to cut the materials with extreme accuracy.


The batteries are powerful and long-lasting. The powerful batteries give strong support to the product.

  • Cons
Problem in full-depth cutting

Guard has some hesitation in acquiring the full-depth cuts at 45-degree bevel and compound cuts. 

Inaccurate to the blade

Several users have not preferred the sightline to the blade of the product. The inaccurate sightline to the blade can become one of the reasons for lack of safety handling as well.

Let’s Conclude

To summarize all the facts, we can say that the Dewalt 20v circular saw with battery is undoubtedly one of the most efficient circular saws in the market.

The product is quite popular and preferred among the people because of its excellent and unique features. This product is widely available on online platforms to live Amazon and Home Depot.

You can definitely give the product a try as it comes at a very suitable and affordable price, as well. So hurry and find your Dewalt circular saw 20v with battery today.

Dewalt 20v circular saw Buying Guide

Before choosing this product, there are certain checks that you must follow.

These checks would act as a strict buying guide for a perfect battery-operated circular saw. Once the checks are complete you will easily understand the credibility of the product.

Adaptability of the blade

The first criteria that need to be kept in mind before investing in the Dewalt d20v circular saw are the adaptability of the blade. The users must ensure that the blade of the saw is adaptable in cutting any materials.

The adaptability refers to the adjustment of the blade as per the thickness or the width of the material. A blunt and inefficient blade might reduce the cutting capacity and ruin the material.


Another important criterion to look out for in buying the Dewalt 20v circular saw with battery is the availability of the footplate. A footplate makes the circular steady for any cutting purpose.

Before investing in the product, you must ensure that the product is giving you the correct amount of steadiness through the footplate. You should see that the footplate is strong and steady for cutting aid towards any material.

Depth Adjustments

Depth Adjustments is another important criterion to look out for in the circular saw is depth adjustments. You should ensure that your product cuts the material of any thickness.

The product should come up with perfect blade adjustments so that the product is feasible enough to cut any kind of material of any depth.


You should definitely check in with the sizes of the saws before buying the product. Dewalt 20v circular saw 7 ¼ inches is quite common.

But the Dewalt 200v circular saw 6 ½ is so efficient enough for acute cutting purposes. You must check-in with the sizes before buying the product.

Cordless circular saw with battery and charger

Before investing in the product, you must ensure that the circular is cordless and comes up with a battery and charger.

A cordless circular saw makes the use of the product hassle and a strong battery with a charger would ensure a faster and smooth experience of the cutting capacity.

What are the benefits of buying this saw?

Prior to buying this product, you must be wondering about the advantages that you can get once you have it.

The saw is quite advantageous and has better working ability than many other saws in the market. Let us know about the benefits now.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between Dewalt 20v and 20v XR?

  • There are quite some differences between the 2 products but the one that is the most critical is the battery life. The Dewalt 20V XR clearly wins the show with a 33% stronger than the Dewalt 20v.

What is the best Dewalt cordless circular saw?

  • While looking for circular saws for your project work, undoubtedly, the Dewalt 20v circular saw with a battery is the best product to buy. You may try other products but this is totally unmatched.

Are Dewalt 20v MAX batteries interchangeable with XR?

  • Yes, they are interchangeable because the batteries of both the products are almost the same. However, the batteries might differ in power, so it is advisable to buy or put in the exact battery which is meant for each of these particular products.

How much is a Dewalt cordless circular saw?

  • The price of your saw is a very crucial thing and also determines the budget for your new assignment. The cordless circular saw from Dewalt comes for a price of $179.00 only.

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