How To Create Cross Cut Sled For Dewalt Table Saw.

Have you recently bought a table saw from the house of Dewalt? The next thing you need is a cross cut sled for Dewalt table saw. It is undoubtedly one of the best table saw miter sled available in the market.

Are you wondering how will you benefit from a crosscut sled? Well, it will make your working on the table saw easier and safer besides letting you have more accurate cuts.

If you are into a woodworking project, it is a must-have tool for your workshop.Let me tell you briefly regarding what a sled basically is. It is a movable tool that can be fitted into the slots for a miter gauge in a table saw.

The sled once fit the saw can be used to obtain finer cross cuts. Now to make the cross cut you will be required to lean the piece of wood against a fence-like structure.

But how to ensure the work material does not slide and fall? Well, this is where a sled comes into play as it supports the wood piece to make sure that the cut is perfect and squared.

In this article, we will be discussing more about cross cuts and related products. To know more, you need to read till the end.

How to DIY a Kreg crosscut sled?

If you have made DIY tools earlier, it won’t be a big deal for you to make a simple crosscut sled.

For this, you would be required to have a Kreg precision Trak handy and also a Stop kit. This is required to enable your tool for repetitive cross cuts.

So, let us begin with the steps to make this affordable crosscut sled.

Get the materials

Apart from the Kreg Trak Kit, you need to grab hold of a 3/4″ plywood, some glue, a few nuts & 1/4″ screws. Also, you would be required to have miter rails for this.

 For the tracks, you also need to get a 1/8“ – 3/4” angled aluminum sheet.

Cut the wood

Now, you will be required to cut the wood, in this case, the plywood that you bought.

Cut the piece into manageable dimensions using your table saw, however, using a circular saw is recommended here.

Make the back fence

You need to countersink the 20 x 4 inches piece of plywood and then pre-drill it. Once done, we need to create the back support. For this, we need to glue & screw the counterparts to one another.

Attach the tracks

Now you need to fit the miter tracks on your table saw’s miter slots.  Once done, you need to center your sled in accordance with the blade.

After this, the front of the sled’s base needs to be aligned to the front of the miter slot tracks.

Fix the Front Fence

Now the operations will be quite simple as you are already half done with your work. You need to fasten both the 1/4“ thick board by making a hole at the end of each of the board’s base.

Remember, you should not over tighten the screws as the pivot needs to be further adjusted as we proceed.

Blade Raising

Now as you are done with the previous steps, you need to raise the blade of your saw gently through the center of the sled.

Move the blade back and forth to check the clearance. Do this very carefully and avoid cutting any further than that already present.

Affix the Back Fence

After this, the back support needs to be attached. The shape should be a square, a nearly a square piece would also do. Affix it to the base of the sled with screws and tighten them.

Square the sled

Now, you need to square a piece of plywood on the saw using the 5 cut method. Make the necessary adjustments and once done fix the fence.

Make the Stop Track

You need to attach the stop track to make a mark for the fence for the sliding rails to stop.For this, you would be required to pre-drill the track and attach it to the fence. Cut an 8” deep into the track using a miter saw so that it fits in the 40” sled.

Frontal support

Use countersunk screws to affix the supporting piece to the back of the sled. Do not put screws at the points where the blade interacts.

Wax the Sled

You need to wax the base of your custom made sled. For this purpose, you can use a paste wax and once you are done waxing, your table saw sled will be ready to use.

If you want a ready-made solution for this and are ready to bear a good amount, you can check out the Rockler crosscut sled. People who have bought this product often say that the sled is worth the money.

This can be a good alternative to the sleds for Dewalt table saws.

Some of the Must-Have Tools

Having known all the above-mentioned facts about a cross cut sled for Dewalt table saw, you must be already craving to have one. But before you opt for this fantastic tool, let me discuss with you about a few of the related tools which are also awesome products to buy.

Let us have a look at these which can be a key tool for your workshop.

MLCS 9779 Router Table Cross Cut Sled

Tired of using miter gauges along with stacked dado blades on your table saws? Well, you need a router table sled for your crosscutting works. It is a perfect alternative for your need and also within an affordable price range.

Let’s see what all do you get with the product.

  • The base is made of melamine and is very thick, providing a 24” x 30” of area.
  • The center slot is quite wider and can house a wide range of routers.
  • An adjustable fence that has a stop block included.
  • An adaptable position miter bar that can fit any router table.


  • The base is coated with MDF making it sturdy.
  • Very cost-effective and easy to install.
  • The fence can be adjusted up to 45 degrees.

UHMW Precision Milled Bar

Why will you prefer this over wood or plastic? This is simply because the material used here can bear strong frictions which are usually needed for proper holding of the material. Also, the sleek design is a reason for it being a user’s choice.

Knowing more about the product will make you crave it. So, let’s list down the attributes now.

  • The product weighs around 12.8 ounces and is made up of polymer.
  • A 36” bar made with a dimension of 36.2” x 1.7” x 0.5” is present.
  • It is used for cutting jigs and fixtures.
  • Ideal for sliding saws where sliding is a repetitive routine.


  • The product does not generate any after usage residue.
  • It is very durable for the UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Plastic) used.

Fulton Precision Miter Gauge with Aluminum Fence

The product is from one of the leading brands in the United States. A very handy tool that you get in an affordable range unlike the miter gauges & fence tools which are highly-priced. You can make accurate cuts and also adjust them for cross cuts and getting fine angles.

Already excited about the product? Let’s look into some of its characteristics now.

  • The fence is made up of extruded aluminum as the name suggests and is of the highest quality.
  • The fence can be mounted to any miter gauge with an angle of 45 degrees.
  • The head of the tool is 200” thick and has 13 stop holes at varied angles.
  • An 18” x 0.35” x 0.73” miter bar holds the head of the fence.
  • The edges of the fence are accurately defined at 445 degrees.


  • The product will ensure that you get precise cuts easily using your saw.
  • The workpieces will get maximum support, thereby making the cuts safer.
  • A flip stop is present to facilitate repetitive cuts.

MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp Pro

Want to take your woodworking project to a higher level? You need to have your track system and MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp pro perfectly suits your purpose. With its extreme versatility, it is one of the best fits for shop fixtures.

You get a lot of things with this product as it comes as a package. Let’s know what all does the product includes.

  • All-in-one package with 2 clamps, 1 router bit, 1 setup gauge, and lastly a set of the hardware variety pack.
  • The product weighs around 3 ounces only and has a dimension of 2.25” x 7.25” x 11.12”.
  • It is available in 3 different colors, mainly yellow, silver and green.
  • The material with which it is made in stainless steel.
  • The clamps are versatile and hold-down in nature.


  • You will get a warranty for 3 years with the product.
  • The product is quite light-weighted and holds a value for money.
  • You can use this in any way you want for its versatility.


The experts say that a table saw sled can make a huge difference to your cutting experience and if you are a professional the tools become a mandatory thing for you.

Your safety should be your ultimate concern in any case and the tool ensures it to the fullest. With the tool in place, you would no more be required to slide your material on the table for a cut.

You would rather now be sliding it through the blades. Therefore, this discards the chances of workpiece binding. Also, it can clamp the smaller workpieces, thereby making your fingers safe.

But safety cannot be the only concern when you are a professional as you must be looking for precision. Well, the cross cut sleds also provide this boon as you can make perfect cuts at 90-degree angles with this installed.

The fence & the base of the cross cut sled for Dewalt table saw are designed to ensure zero clearance and using the stop blocks you can easily make repetitive cross cuts.

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Frequently Asked Question

How big should the cross cut sled be?

The sled size is highly dependable on the size of your material and also the type of cut you desire for. It is usually difficult to deal with bigger sizes and hence it is recommended to opt for average-sized sleds, somewhat similar to the size of the tabletop for your saw.

How to get accurate cuts with a table saw?

Before you start the cutting process, make sure the measuring tape is properly in-line with the workpiece.
Once you have taken the measurements, you need to ensure that the saw is aligned as an improper adjustment would give you poor cuts.

Why am I getting crooked cuts from my saw?

You need to practice more with your tool in that case since most of the time it is seen that the reason behind crooked cuts is the improper tilt of the saw. Also, before cutting be sure that you have clamped your material appropriately.

Can I use cross cut sleds for miter saws?

There are people who would say you don’t need one but if you think practically you absolutely need to have a sled even while using miter saws. If you are not getting any reason for buying a sled, let it be just for your safety reason.

What is a miter sled?

Well, there is nothing such as a miter saw sled but a table saw sled can be used instead with a miter saw even.

The sled which would fit the gauge slots of the miter saw would be ideal for use. Make sure that it is mounted at 45 degrees to the saw blade.

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