Secrets About Cordless pole saw harbor freight That Nobody Will Tell You.

The tall trees in your garden need to be pruned occasionally to avoid your garden look messy. But are you getting problems in trimming due to the tall height of your trees? The cordless pole saw harbor freight can be a perfect solution to your problems.

The dry & twisted branches require being removed time-to-time to ensure the health of your tree. The harbor freight chainsaw attached with a long pole is also among the favorites when it comes to doing such tasks while staying safely on the ground.

We will discuss chainsaws later, for now, let us concentrate on the pole saws at harbor freight.

Well, quality is something that has always brought results in every sector and is therefore much desirable. I would recommend you not to try using low-quality saws for your work since that would mess-up your work more.

The pole saws harbor freight supplies by acquiring are one of the best in terms of quality tools and are handed to you directly from the manufacturer houses where no middle-man is involved.

The cordless pole saw harbor freight presents to its customers are fully tested in quality labs to ensure their market standards are aligned with the tools from the top brands.

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What is an electric pole saw?

Do you have a small yard at the back of your house? Well, an electric pole saw can be the right choice here for the trimming purposes and you can get your pole saw at harbor freight at nearly $70.

These saws are perfect for short branches nearly 5 inches in girth and are powered by electricity and can operate at a power of around 6-10 Amperes. They give you an advantage of powerful operation and can be used for heavy-duty tasks.

The saws are quite light in weight and can be easily held for a longer duration. You can get the electric pole saws at a pocket-friendly price and they have a low maintenance need too.

Cordless saws Vs Electric saws – Which one to choose?

The fact that the electric saws are corded is itself a disadvantage. Electric saws are quite limited by length or reach due to being corded and to operate them you need to keep them plugged into the power socket.

This is one of the biggest odds in them since it hinders your movement while you are working and you’ll always have to keep in mind that you cannot move beyond what its cord length offers you.

The saws also make a bit of noise while operating which adds to the list of disadvantages.

On the contrary, the cordless saws operate with the help of a rechargeable battery which is fit to the saw structure.

The cordless pole saw harbor freight offers are usually powered by lithium-ion batteries and can operate up to an hour on being charged once, obviously considering the battery voltage.

The saws are easy to use & have low maintenance criteria. The best part is its portability feature which allows you even carry it to your client’s garden for an assignment apart from using it in your yard. Do remember to charge them fully before you start.

If it’s your first tool of this kind, you can opt for the cordless pole saw Portland as it is quite lightweight and affordable.

Can I choose a Trimmer instead of a Pole saw?

You might have often been advised by many to choose pole trimmers instead of pole saws for your garden clean-up, but let me tell you not always can a trimmer serve the need.

Let me tell you why. But before that, let me give you an overview of the usage of pole trimmers.

The pole trimmers are quite similar to chainsaws & are used for clearing shrubs and bushes. Sometimes they are also used to trim bushes or small trees to give them a shape. They have sharp teeth inside their structure which does the job of trimming.

Now, what makes them different? Well, the usage is entirely different as pole trimmers are only for trimming leaves or green portions of a tree. While if your task is to trim the branches, it is always the pole saw that you need.

No more of getting confused now. Choose a pole trimmer if you want to trim the leaves and if you want to get the damaged branches down, the pole saw is the way.

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How to do Pole saw maintenance?

Tools like pole saws are quite costly and require a lot of investment. So, once you own it, you would always want it to last for a longer time.

This can be achieved by taking proper care of your saw and doing proper maintenance work.

What are the necessary actions to be taken for maintenance?

You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below to have proper maintenance for your pole saw. So, let us begin now.

  • With regular usage, the screws might become loose. You need to check for loose parts like nuts & bolts and screws before you start working. Once you get hold of one, get it fixed.
  • There will be a lot of wear & tear when you work with the tool. You must scan your tool for probable damage before & after usage. If you find an issue, fix it.
  • Before you start using it, ensure that the cutting bar is pointed.
  • You should never tighten the chain of your saw more than its limits as that can damage your instrument.
  • Cleaning is very important and you need to do that after every operation.

Once you keep in mind to do all the above-mentioned points, your pole saw is sure to last for a longer period.

What kind of task demands a chainsaw?

When the task is beyond pruning the higher branches of a tall tree, a harbor freight pole saw might not be the right choice.

Have you been assigned the task of bringing down a big tree since it is already dead? You need a chain saw harbor freight being the place to buy saws is often recommended by experts.

But if your task is limited to only trimming the big trees overloaded with crooked branches, a chainsaw on a stick is exactly what you need.

Thinking of attaching a broomstick to your chainsaw for this?  A big ‘NO’ to such plans. It can be very risky and a small mistake can make you lose one of your arms. A pole saw harbor freight offers is righteously the chainsaw on a stick that we are currently talking of.

Why buy from harbor freight?

It’s simply because they never disappoint and the chainsaws harbor freight produces are highly qualified and tested and also within affordable ranges.

You can get harbor freight chainsaws which are corded & electric powered starting at nearly $40, while the cordless is a bit costly and are tagged at nearly $70 for 20V saws.

Recalled Chainsaws by Harbor Freight

Just as I mentioned, they never compromise with their quality & every customer is valuable for them. Having said that let me tell you about the harbor freight pole saw recall now.

Mainly 2 models of chainsaws were recalled by the Harbor Freight due to their threat of hazardous injuries. The two products were from the house of “Portland” & “Chicago Electric”. The main issue with the saws was that they kept on working even after being powered off.

The tool giants have asked its customers to get it replaced with no charges from their nearest Harbor freight store.

Which saw will you choose for landscaping work?

Landscaping is heavy duty work and the saws that are usually recommended for such operations are the gas-powered pole saws.

Are you a professional forestry worker? You must be aware of it then. If you are not, no worries, I will tell you why you need this kind of saw for your work.

The first reason is that they have longer poles than any other pole saws and the length is as much as 12 inches almost. They are driven by gas engines which make them very powerful among their kind.

Now, moving on to some professional quotient, they offer you with better torque and also issues like vibration problems & balance issue are quite controlled. The engines being mounted at the rear position adds to its balance.

What are the disadvantages of owning a gas-powered saw?

Never mind whatever the task is, but money matters and to invest in a tool takes a lot of it and more when it’s a gas-powered pole saw. They are highly expensive.

This is why not everyone can afford them for their use.

Also, they are operated using gas as well as oil where the proportion of oil is much greater than that of gas which adds to its high maintenance cost even. So, even if you can bear the initial cost, you need to really think of the long run too.

If you are not a professional and just a homeowner who wants to keep his or her garden healthy, you must also be aware of your health. The fact that they are powered by gas & oil, make it unhealthy already. They emit a lot of hazardous pollutants unfit for your health.

The safety factor can never be ignored since this kind of pole saws are known for their worst kickbacks. As they operate at high power, the risk of injury is very high too.


The kind of task that you are assigned would actually determine what kind of saw needs to be used. But if it’s a pole saw, I would suggest you go for a cordless one since they are portable as you already know now.

The pole saws are quite easy to use and are a very handy tool for your workshop. You can use the coupon harbor freight tools offer for getting your desired tools at a lower price than the one displayed.

Before you start using your pole saw, remember to use the required safety gears like safety gloves and safety goggles which will let you work freely without having a thought of getting injured.

While you do your pruning work, remember to keep away from electric lines as it can be very risky.

The market offers a lot of options for pole saws in terms of price, quality, and usage. I will always advise you not to opt for any low-quality cheap products and you highly recommend harbor freight tools to you.

The cordless pole saw harbor freight offers to its customers are equivalent to the market standards and can compete with the products from the top brands even.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best cordless pole saw?

Greenworks 20672 40V cordless saw undoubtedly ranks the 1st in the category of the best cordless pole saw. The saw deliver with unbelievable power and has a long work time.

How much is a pole saw at Harbor Freight?

Well, quite an amazing fact that Harbor Freight provides quality pole saws at affordable pricing. You can get an electric pole saw for around $60 only.

Does Harbor Freight have pole saws?

Harbor Freight is a very good place to look for pole saws. You can get a variety of pole saws both electrically operated & cordless within affordable ranges.

Does Black and Decker make a 40v pole saw?

Yes, they do make pole saws with a 40V battery. You can check out their LPP120 cordless saw which comes with an 8-inch stick and can be charged full within 3-4 hours using the 1.5Ah charger provided with it.

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