To Know Which Dewalt table saw accepts dado?

Are you a woodworking professional? Then you must be aware of the phenomenal dado cuts using table saws. Would you like to know about which Dewalt table saw accepts dado?

You are at the right place as today we are going to discuss about extraordinary trench cuts. What are dado cuts? This is a cutting technique to create grooves in wooden blocks, for example, making slots for drawers.

Dado cuts, also known as trench cuts provide a cut in such a way so that another wooden piece can fit in just like joints. Having known that are you wondering where a dado cut can come into usage.

They can be used in a variety of cases, especially if you are working with cabinets. But will it fit the existing saw present in your workshop? To discover you need to read this article till the end.

Which Dewalt table saw accepts dado?

Are you wondering if an old saw can make a dado cut? The answer is ‘No’. The dado cuts are possible with uniquely designed dado blades that do not fit in old saws. They are mostly compatible with table saws.

So, the next question arises if it’s going to fit in any table saw? Not really.

Table saws to which dado blades fit are specially designed to be able to carry them. Luckily some of the table saws from the house of Dewalt are best-suited for this purpose.

You must now be eager to know which Dewalt table saw recognize dado. We will soon be listing down the saws for you, but before we proceed let’s know a bit more about the special blades.

Which is the best dado blade set?

As you already know, there is a unique kind of blade which is specially made applicable for dado cuts, the dado blades. We would know in detail about them now.

How do dado blades look like? They are circular shaped and are somewhat like the circular table saw blades. There are 2 circular blades which are fixed with bolts to each of the sides of a chipper.

Often found in sets, they are installed as per the requirement of the cut.

Professionals often require having variations in the width of their cut to create spacious slots for the cabinets. In such cases, a stacked dado set can be used which is also capable of adjusting to varied forms.

Therefore, you can re-assemble and organize the blades as per your needs. In case you want to be able to adjust the blade for cutting at wider angles, choose a wobble saw which has a multi-piece hub where the blades are mounted.

Can your Table Saw accommodate a Stacked Dado blade?

Professionals like carpenters often ask this question – if a stacked dado will fit their table saw? All the available table saws are not enabled for this purpose. The problem arises mainly with the medium & the small-sized saws.

The nut needs to be appropriately put into the arbor before operating your table saw, but it is often found that there is a shortage of thread while using stacked dados.

You cannot simply widen an arbor to use a stacked a dado blade that does not fit your saw well. It is very unsafe and you should not try doing it.

Any chances still to dado cut using a Table saw with a short arbor?

Do you already have a table saw and do not want to invest in a new one? That’s okay. But does your saw have a short arbor length? Well, that’s certainly a problem in terms of fitting a dado blade.

As you already know, it is dangerous to forcibly try and fit a dado blade as it might cause injuries. However, there is one way out which I am going to share with you now.

From the stacked set of dado blades, you can take out 2 outer blades and fit them along with 2 chippers onto your table saw which says a short arbor.

You might now be able to have a dado cut to the fullest, but the partial cut can still work. All you need to do is to make another similar cut as to the first one to finish the dado work.

Let me tell you, one thing before you opt for this. Although this way is quite safer than getting your dado improperly fit, takes a lot of time to complete your woodworks.

Table saws that accept dado blades

As I have already told you once that table saws that Dewalt supplies are compatible with dado blades so let us now know which Dewalt table saw accepts dado blades.

The short arbor is the reason why most of the table saws are left as non-compatible for such blades. However, the Dewalt saws are specially designed in such a way that they work powerfully along with mobility even with the dado blades attached.


Let me quickly mention which Dewalt table saw evaluate dado blades as compatible. So, here goes the list of top 5 table saws that are facilitated for dados.

  • DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-inch Table Saw
  • DEWALT DW745S Compact Job Site Table Saw
  • DEWALT DWE7491X 10-inch Table Saw

You can choose any of the saws from the above-mentioned list for your woodworking assignment. But you must remember to use a Dewalt table saw dado blade for this purpose as they are specialized for such operations.

Using Table saw to make Dado cuts

Now that you already know which Dewalt table saw accepts dado blades, let us know how to make a dado cut using the dado blades fitted to the table saw.

If you have never experienced making a dado cut, you would probably need quite some practice to be able to do it perfectly.

Before you start, you must put on your safety gears like the safety gloves, safety goggles, shoes, and helmet. Now, you can make your dado blades ready. They, as you already know, appear as a set and consist of a cluster of regular as well as chipper blades.

You must also attach a throat plate to your saw. Have you heard of a throat plate earlier? In order to allow the dado blades to spin it requires a surface and this surface on a table saw is what a throat plate is.

The width for the dado cut varies from project to project, but it is very important that you are ready with the measurements before you start.

Now stack the dado blades beside your work-piece which you need to lay flat on the work surface. Once done, fit it to your table saw and now you need to raise it to the desired cut depth.

You can try some test sessions before you actually begin to ensure that your saw settings are alright. If you feel it requires any adjustment, just do it. You should use the miter gauge attachment present in your table saw for ensuring straight & even cut.

How to ensure safety while using?

Working with saws has many times proved dangerous causing serious injuries to professionals. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while working on saws and especially if you have a dado blade installed to your table saw.

Before you begin your assignment work, you need to have all the working safety tools handy and also need to equip yourself with all the safety gadgets and armors.

It is often found that carpenters although put on their gloves do not give much importance to wearing the necessary goggles. You should never practice these things and give special importance to eye protection.

Table saws make a lot of sounds while cutting operations. So, it is recommended that you take some ear protection too.

For safety precautions for your dado blades, I would recommend you to check the chipper blade to ensure that the teeth are a bit offset. As you already know, the teeth should always be facing outwards.

To get a smoother cut, make sure the base of the dado’s channel is smooth & clean.

Why choose saws by Dewalt?

This is what matters the most as to know what makes the Table saws by Dewalt different from products by other brands in the market.

To begin with, every customer seems to look for something extra than just a mere warranty package, in most of the cases some guarantee on the purchased product.

The Dewalt products are one of the few in the market which offers a straight away 90-day money back guaranteed policy. So, even if the newly bought saw breaks down, you are pretty well covered. Apart from this, you get a 3-year warranty along with a year’s free service.

The saws manufactured are highly tested as per industry standards and are also modeled by using qualitative job site research.

Apart from this, the power with which the saws can operate is something that has always drawn the attention of the customers and thus making Dewalt a leading producer of power tools in the market of saws.


We have already listed the best saws which can be compatible with dado blades. You can always choose your new saw from the products mentioned here.

But I would always recommend that you first accumulate entire knowledge about your needs and the requirements in the project. Once you are done, determine what type of saw you are going to use.

If your project work demands a table saw, first check your possession of tools to find out if your current saw can accumulate a dado blade. If not, Dewalt has always given you so many options to choose from. You can also try using some of Dewalt’s best portable table saw for fine woodworking.

After reading this article, I believe you are now confident about which Dewalt table saw accepts dado blades. If you seek my recommendation, I would suggest the Dewalt DWE7491RS 10-inch Table Saw for its powerful performance ability.

Frequently Asked Question

Can job site table saws accept Dado blades?

Not all job site saws are facilitated to accept dado blades. The ones in the range of small or medium saws usually have a small arbor whose length cannot be adjusted and thus cannot accept dado.

If you wish to buy such a saw, you can check out the Dewalt job site table saw mentioned here.

 How do you lock the blade on a Dewalt table saw?

To be honestly speaking it is something possible with miter saws where you can lock the arbor by simply moving the spindle on the router. Unluckily, this feature is absent in table saws.

But if you wish to change the blade use wrenches to remove the arbor nut from either side of the blade.


What direction does the table saw blade turn?

The teeth of the saw blades are always pointed down and the blade turns in a clockwise direction somewhat similar to miter saws.

Can I use a dado blade on my Dewalt table saw?

Yes, you can use a dado blade, provided the Dewalt table saw that you own has the compatibility of accommodating such a blade.


You can choose to get a Dewalt table saw as mentioned in this article and a dado blade will surely fit in.

 How can you make dado cuts using a router?

You can surely use a router for the purpose of cutting a dado while working with the wooden piece as a part of your project work.

All you need here is a dado jig and that you will be required to fit into the saw to direct the router when cutting and you get the exact dado cut you need.

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