Best Porter Cable Left-Handed Circular Saw

Circular porter saws are high on-demand and a great tool for your workshop. You being left-handed, do you always find a problem working with your weaker hand? We have a savior now, the porter cable left handed circular saw.

Are you already excited? Well, hold your breath and let me take you through a ride of all the essentials related to the porter cable saw which will surely make you more excited to get one.

The tool can be a great option if you are looking for tough cutting jobs. But before you invest in your tool, let us know about this saw in a more elaborative fashion.

Porter cable left handed circular saw – Identification & Types

A porter cable left-handed saw is the fastest cutting saw in its class, used to dissect and tear apart various things using a rotary motion spinning disc.

The porter cable left-handed saw is used to cut various things such as plastic, wood, masonry, or any piece of metal.

The porter cable circular saw was invented in the USA & certainly has some attractive attributes to offer, one of which being that it is made up of magnesium which makes the tool extremely light-weighted.

The saw can be adjusted for whatever depth of cutting is required. Broadly speaking there are two types of Porter-Cable Left Handed Saw which we will be discussing now.

Carrier rope left handed circular saw

This saw uses a blade and struck from the rope & is attached with a carrier rope. The career rope is often considered to be outdated since the risk factor in the rope career is very high.

The carrier rope left-handed circular saw is less preferred by the professionals because of its vulnerability to risks since the accuracy with which its cuts are quite low.

Bearer Cord Left Handed Circular Saw

Quite different from the carrier rope saw the bearer cord circular saw uses wires or cables which make them safer for use. These saws carry the wires, ropes, and cables which also add to its safety.

Being electrically driven, the chances of inaccurate dissection of the material can be avoided easily using this saw. The use of electricity along with cable wires makes the cutting distinct and accurate as per the requirement of the material.

Quite a handy choice for beginners, this saw is preferred more for its accuracy of cut.

Some porter cable left handed saws

Circular saws are quite famous for tough jobs where you need to cut quite precisely and for such operations you would require a bit of research before you can make a choice.

I know it’s not so easy, but this article will cover some of the most demanded circular saws best suited for left-handed people.

Let us begin straight away now.

Porter cable circular saw magnesium

As the name suggests, the porter cable circular saw is completely made using magnesium which makes it a high on-demand in the category of light-weighted saws.

The light-weighted saws are quite easy to handle and therefore, the accuracy of the cuts and highly increased. On top of this, the saws are fitted with a fine quality bade for enabling precise and length cuts for the material of your choice.

Old porter cable circular saw

Old porter circular saws are also known as the vintage porter cable circular saw.

Quite outdated technologically, these are the saws are not fed by electricity and all the work is done is pretty manual. The saws are made up of pieces of scrap wood & nail and have a tilt of around 90º.

Porter cable circular saw rip fence

Porter-cable circular saw rip fence is highly beneficial in the category o0d circular saws because it provides a cutting guide through the rip fence.

The rip fence runs from the front of the table to the back and runs parallel to the cutting blade of the saw.

The porter cable circular saw rip fence is nothing but a protection gear that protects from any kinds of risks and threats that might occur from the sharpness of the blades in the porter cable saw.

Porter Cable Trim Saw

Porter-cable trim saw is extremely preferred by several professionals because of its durability, time-tested design, and excessive power in dissecting materials.

Porter cable trim saws have a height of 4-½ inches and hold a review rating of 4.5 from our side which is quite similar to the other reputed opinions.

Porter cable 743 circular saw

The most attractive thing in the portable cable 743 saw is the left mounted blade. The right-handed people can consider this saw as a boon for their use.

The weight of this circular saw is extremely light-weight. The presence of the magnesium plate makes it extremely reliable and lightweight in use.

This portable cable is used under any given condition for best-finished products.

Porter Cable Skills Saws

Porter Cable skills saws are circular saws that are generally used for tough jobs and cutting purposes.

Porter cable skills saws are available with 15 AMP motor running that provides power and speed of 5,500 RPM that allows the saw to cut heavy things like the steel shoe and other metal objects, easel.

These are also used for great commercial and industrial purposes. These skill saws are often high-priced and used for severe jobs.

Porter cable circular saw cordless

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX 6-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular can be used with no plug-in outlet available. These are generally used for extremely high performance and severe cutting processes.

The motor is extremely aggressive and supports high performance. It, generally, has 6 ½ inch carbide tooth blades with a capacity of 2 ⅛ cutting capacity. It is generally used for extreme performances and severe cutting of strong and robust materials.

Porter Cable 423mag review

The porter cable 423mag is extensively useful for cutting materials and is considered to be highly beneficial for the effective functioning of the materials.

Porter-cable 423mag parts have quick-changing blades apart from the other parts which include the 42mag parts include ball bearing, screw, armature, locknut, field, gearbox cover, locking blade clamp, bolt, snap ring, brush holder, brush, hex bolt, and adjusting.

All these parts make it extremely flexible in adjusting the blades upon the necessity of the materials. The flexibility of the blades and dissection of each part makes it extremely reliable.

Porter cable circular saw guide

Porter cable circular saws are used for tough jobs under any given condition. The complete steps for the use of the portable cable circular saw guide can be described below

Several steps could be followed by the beginners while using the porter cable left handed circular saw to avoid any kinds of hazards. These steps will also help the beginners understand the patterns of the circular saw.

The necessary steps include some of the ones listed below.

Measurement of the cut line

The cut line needs to be measured. The correct measurement of the cutline will help in using the saw as per the requirement and trigger its velocity as per the cut line.Clamp the material firmly to the workstation.

The material needed for the cut needs to be placed close to the porter cable saw. The perfect clamping of the material will help in cutting the actual portion of the material safely.

The inappropriate clamping of the material might result in the inappropriate cutting of the material.

Confirm the bevel angle

Once the material is clamped and the proper measurement of the cutting material is used, the bevel angle needs to be confirmed.

The bevel angle will determine the inclination of the saw blade in coordination with the material at a 90-degree angle.

Pull the trigger

The trigger of the porter cable circular saw magnesium needs to be pulled to get the full speed of the blade. The trigger must be engaged while cutting the material by the porter cable saw.

If these above-mentioned steps could be followed strictly, the beginners would be able to use the porter cable saws effectively without any flaws.

Porter cable circular saw battery

Porter Cable 20V Battery can be used as the most powerful battery for the porter cable circular. This battery has a higher rating because of its capacity to render high power to the circular saws.

These batteries are not cross-compatible but the extreme power of these batteries is extremely desirable to professionals.

The Porter Cable 20V Battery helps in extending the durability of the saws for the longest period.


No matter if you are a professional or a beginner, having possession of some of the right tools like the porter cable circular saws will certainly make your home repair works or some of your carpentry works quite easier.

As a professional, you might often get offers for new projects where having this tool handy will surely boost your confidence a lot.

Now since this saw is called a left-handed saw, you might be thinking if it can be the right choice even if you are a right-handed person. Well, let me say that these saws provided better visibility of blades in comparison to other saws which we often use for our project.

The tilt of the blades of a porter cable left handed circular saw would rather make it better as you would no more require lean on to check the blades meeting point while working.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the best porter cable circular saw 20v?

  • Quite a lightweight cordless saw, the PORTER-CABLE MAX 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw (PCC660B) can be tagged as the best porter cable circular saw 20v. The product is quite cheap & provides effective services with its blades facilitated for multi-purpose works.


What is the best porter cable circular saw 13 amp?

  • Porter cable saw PC 13CSL offering a high-performance service and ranging within 15A is the best choice for porter cable saw 13 amp. Very durable battery and very handy for beginners as well as professionals.


What is the best circular saw?

  • Undoubtedly, the Bosch GKS 7000 184mm, 1100 professional saw can be termed as the best circular saw with its ability to provide fatigue less cutting. The design is very compact & light in weight.


Which is the best porter cable circular saw?

  • The PCE 300 porter cable 7-¼ inch circular saw is the best buy because of its heavy-duty steel shoe. A very new product in the market & is great for stationary applications for its finesse cutting ability.

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