An Introduction to Miter Saw Angles for Crown Molding

Crown molding is a decorated mold that is created around the wall and under the ceiling of a room. To do this molding job efficiently, some specialized tools are required & also professionals need to be quite aware of miter saw angles for crown molding.

A miter saw is used to make accurate crosscuts & meters in a material by positioning a mounted blade on the board. The saw consists of powered & sharp blades facilitated for precise cuts.

Professionals need to be very careful & efficient in their work while doing crown molding since the cuts are quite strange and its face is not even with any of the surfaces, be it the ceiling or the exposed side.

Some of the common queries that are often enquired by professionals include the process to cut crown molding efficiently & also regarding the way of cutting inside corners for crown molding.

So, let us now deep dive into the various details about crown molding cuts.

In current times, when interior decorations are a top priority for everyone, crown molding has often got into the limelight because it can give the room a look to admire.

How to easily make cuts for crown molding has been a concern from the professionals now since there are so many molding projects available in the market.

In whatever way you choose to do it would certainly require efforts, power miter saws can leverage your workload up to some extent. You can adjust the cut angle for having any cuts of your choice.

Cutting of crown molds is usually done in an upside-down fashion and there are 2 defined ways of doing it – the flat method & the Vertically Nested method.

You need to ensure the miter saw inclination being chaplet molding specific will help you keep the mold intact while making it fixed to the ceiling without any damage or error.

Also, is important to keep your miter saw slant as coronet molding would perfectly be figured if the bevels are correctly cut.

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Procedure to measure miter saw angles for crown molding

Miter saws are the ones to be used here, so let us first know what is a double bevel miter saw? This is a more efficient & versatile form of a miter saw with more mechanical components.

Although a bit heavier than the single saws, they offer greater accuracy & has a large range of cutting angle. You can make quick & precise cuts using the saw and the most interesting thing is that it allows you to make opposing bevel cuts in the same material.

People dealing with crown moldings often want to know how to measure angles for crown molding. It is not that tough provided you follow the correct procedure.

You need to measure the length of each wall. The measurement needs to be taken at ceiling height from corner to corner. When you cut the corners at a 45º angle, this length will be the long points.

How to cut odd angles for crown molding?

You need to know how to tackle the odd angle to be a professional. The odd angles need to be treated as square outside corner and in case the angles are not quite square, miter them at 45º. Let us quickly learn how to get it done.

  • Firstly, determine the install angle which is usually 38 – 50 degrees.
  • Now check out the angle of the wall and divide it into ½ if required. Also, remember to set the jig before you do that.
  • Now set up your saw for a cut. But before you begin be sure if it would be outward or inward cut.
  • Now your molding is ready to be installed. Remember, it’s always upside-down. The jig is entitled to hold the molding at an exact angle.

People also ask – what is the use of an angle finder for crown molding? It is used to provide highly accurate cuts by finding a quality angle thereby reducing the risk of errors.

Also known as angle gauges or miter protractors, they are often found in tool belts and are easy to use & durable.

How to cut crown molding inside corners?

Once the corners are rightly cut, it becomes quite easy for the molding to get installed, therefore, it needs to be done quite carefully.

You can follow any of the below 2 methods to do it correctly.

  • You need to cut 2 pieces at an angle using a miter saw at perfect measurements. Once the cut is made you need to fit them together. Perfect 90-degree corners can be achieved this way.

  • The other way is to cope with the corners. Confused? You can do this by simply installing one piece of mold on top of an uncut piece that sits accurately with the wall.

You also need to know the technique to cut the inside corner trim for delivering highly professional work. The inside corners are usually the points where the edges of the walls meet and form a concave angle.

Let me now guide you on how to do it correctly.

  1. At first, using a miter saw cut 45º to the workpiece.
  2. Now connect the trimmed parts to get a glance at the gaps.
  3. Similarly cut the 2nd trim now. You can use a file to smoothen the edges.
  4. Now try to install the trims. If you find any gaps still, use some caulk to cover them.
  5. Give a good paint to the overall thing now.

How to cut outside corner molding?

Now that we are done with the inside corners and the trims, let us focus on the outside corners now.

To start with, measure the outside edges of the wall by using a measurement tape. After the measurement are successfully taken, mark them on the trim molding piece.

Now it is ready for getting the cut. You need to place it under the miter saw blade & move the blade at a 45° in the outward direction. Once you are sure that it is pointing opposite to the measured trim’s cross-section, begin cutting.

After this is done, once again start measuring from the joining wall’s corner where thr edges meet. You need to repeat this entire process & make cuts at similar angles.

Once all the trims are ready, they need to be nailed with a feet gap along both the edges of the cut piece.

How to cut crown molding for cabinets?

Before knowing about cuts for cabinets, let us first know about crown molding corner blocks which are often used in above doors, windows, or cabinets. These are used at end corners of the walls where it meets with the ceilings and can give a decorative look to your cabinet.

Moving on to crown molding for cabinets, let us know how to make the cuts perfectly.

  • Make measurements for the pieces to be used around the sides of the cabinet and the walls.
  • Now cut using a miter saw and hold it in such a way that the angle at which it is to be installed should flush the bottom & fence of the saw.
  • Once the cut is made, use a nail to secure the molding attaching the separate pieces at an angle of 90º.
  • If there are any gaps you can use caulks to get them filled. Also, the same can be used to fill nail pivots.


Now that you have quite an idea about crown molding and miter saws, you can choose your project easily. But before you opt for an assignment, get all your tools ready.

Do not opt for cheap & low-quality miter saws, power miter saws & double bevel saws are recommended for this purpose. Also, remember to keep essentials like nails, caulk, hammer, pins, measuring tape, measuring board, etc, ready in your tool kit.

You can also start some practice by doing some DIY on crown molding and experimenting with it in your home, maybe with the cabinet in your room. If you can do it successfully, it can make your room looks sophisticated.

Miter saw angles for crown molding are the most important thing to consider for molding projects and I hope this article will guide you perfectly through the appropriate guidelines required for an error-free professional finish.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • How do you miter cut a crown molding?

Miter saws are the best tool to make cuts for crown molding. The angle of cut should be fixed at 45º in an outwards direction to obtain a 90º composure while joining the pieces.

For doing this, set the miter angle at 31.6º with the bevel at 33.9º. Now, the crown needs to be kept flat under the saw and the cut needs to be obtained. You need to do the reverse process too for obtaining a finesse mold.

  • How do you cut wood at an angle?

The best proposal for cutting wood at an angle should be using a professional miter saw. It is quite hard to obtain accurate cuts by using your naked eye. A miter saw is sure to provide you the perfect cuts at 45º & 90º.

  • How do I cut trim at a 45 degree angle without a miter saw?

To do this, you simply need to mark the angle and give a small cut using your hacksaw blades. Now use a miter gauge to get a quality angle and finally use the saw to get your cut.

  • How do you cut crown molding for columns with a compound miter saw?

You can follow the chart of angles for this purpose. To begin with, bevel you cut at the required angle using your miter saw. Once done, get your cut by using your saw, it’s that simple.

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