What is A Dual Bevel Miter Saw. What No One Is Taking About.

Do you want to know what is a dual bevel miter saw?  We are here to deliver all the information in this regard. There are different types and models of miter saws are available. You have to determine which type of miter saw you really need for work?  

 If you are new in this field and going to start your career, a lot of decisions you will have to make. You must know about the basics. You have probably heard about various types of miter saws. They are different from each other on the basis of cuts and features.

Compound miter saw, compound sliding miter saw, dual bevel miter saw, dual bevel sliding compound miter saw etc, these all are miter saws but come with different features and make different cuts. We all heard about bevel cut and miter cut. People also want to know what is a bevel cut? We are going to clear all the queries you have.

A Double or dual bevel miter saw is a compound saw that adjusts to both left and right. Without flipping the workpiece it allows you to make compound cuts in both left and right directions. 

A dual bevel miter saw can tilt both (left-right) directions. It can make vertical angled bevel cuts or compounds cuts in either direction. A dual or double bevel miter saw is more versatile than other compound miter saws. A dual bevel miter saw is probably used for hard and complex projects.

Understand What Dual-Bevel Means?

If you want to choose the best dual bevel miter saw, few questions definitely strike on your mind. Like what is a dual bevel miter saw? How does it work? Let us brief you. First of all, you should know which type of cuts and facilities you really need? 

A Single bevel saw can make the same cuts like a double bevel saw. The difference is it can make bevel cuts only in one direction. But a dual bevel miter saw made angle cuts in two planes. 

A dual bevel will give you the highest range of compound angles that are both left and right. With the help of a dual marvel miter saw, you can leave the wood in place and twist the saw in the opposite direction to make bevel cuts in both sides. 

It is able to make a lot of crown molding without having hand-manipulation. A dual bevel miter saw is allowed to finish your job faster and make your task easy. It is also good for repeat cuts and helps you to deal with large workpieces.

Why Do We Choose A Dual Bevel Miter Saw?

If you have a project, and you require to make angle cuts(two-planes), they will usually choose a single bevel miter saw. A dual bevel miter saw can perform both bevel cuts and miter cuts without making any trouble to the user.

The tool is a combination of a combination miter saw and a standard miter saw.In the basis of performance and welfare, a dual bevel miter saw is far better than a single bevel miter saw. It allows angle cuts 0 degrees to 45 degrees. Some bevels can support upto 60 degrees. It helps to make bevel cuts with precise angles.

That’s why a best dual bevel miter saw is considered as one of the most important tools for carpentry. With the help of a dual bevel saw you can give full focus on cutting for making a successful and accurate operation.

It cut wood pieces more efficiently. And the best part of the saw is, it is very easy to control. It helps to make your performance more precise and its tilting design helps to create equivalent bevel pieces.

So,it has varieties of uses. For example, you need a double miter saw for picture framing and a lot of crown molding that requires dual bevel cuts. The best part is, there is no need to flip or rearrange the workpiece to make matching bevel cuts. You just need to tilt your saw in the opposite direction.

Difference In Bevel Cut And Miter Cut

A bevel cut is done by tilting the blade and the blade stands at a specific angle while cutting.  You cannot cot along the width of your wood, you have to cut the wood diagonally against the thickness of it. 

A miter cut depends on an angle of wood and the blade of it coming down vertically. The common difference between the bevel and miter cuts are the cutting direction. One is cutting diagonally and the other is cutting vertically.

The other most important part is the bevel angle is set behind the handle but the miter angle is set at the bottom of the saw. There is a little black part that sticks out at the bottom. To set the angle you need to move it right and left. 

For the bevel cut,  If the bevel angle is set once and locked in its place, it is ready to cut.

Safety Guide

A dual bevel miter saw is a powerful as well as an essential tool. You need to follow the safety guidelines and take some precautions while using it. If not, it may cause an accident and a lot of injuries. So before starting working with a dual bevel miter saw, take a look at our safety guide. It contains some protective measures to protect you from such injuries.

  • You should wear protective gear for minimising the risk of injuries.
  • The safety gear contains commercial gloves, eye-protective glasses, uniform and a pair of working shoes. Don’t forget to use any of these.
  • Your eyes and ears should be covered properly while operating the dual bevel saw.
  • While adjusting blades and guards you have to unplug the power.
  • Blade guard must be placed properly after use.
  • Make sure the blade and its related fasteners are correctly positioned. 
  • Before starting to use it, read the user and safety manual thoroughly.
  • Hand and fingers must be kept at least six inches 6’’ distance from the blade.
  • Try to use the recommended blade size.
  • Avoid performing freehand operations and cutting small pieces.
  • Remember to clean the lower surface frequently to maintain visibility. 

How to use a dual bevel miter saw?

Step 1:

Unbox the product properly and read the safety manual sincerely. Before mounting the saw, wear the safety gear and manage the personal protective equipment to ensure your safety. If your miter saw is a  dual bevel sliding compound miter saw, you have to mount and attach every part before usage. 

Step 2:

Now you need to check whether your dual bevel miter saw is working well or not. After checking this you should take a wood piece and try to check cut it. If you are able to do it properly that means your saw is working nicely. But if not, you will have to measure all tools and make required adjustments.

Step 3:

If everything is set and ready to work, you can shift to the working surface or mainboard. Be ready with a pencil and a ruler. Before making any cuts, draw an outline with the pencil to get accurate cuts. This will help you to get better results.

Step 4:

After assembling and setting the dual bevel miter saw attach the mainboard with the miter saw. Now adjust your dual bevel miter saw to a vertical position. It works efficiently and safely in a vertical position.

Step 5:

Now you can start the machine and very consciously bring the blade down until your dual bevel miter saws mainboard starts cutting. Take your time so that it can cut cautiously. It also helps you to analyse and to be focused while working with the dual bevel saw. 

After making cuts if there any rough edges appear, with the help of a sandpaper you can make them smooth.


At the end of the text, I hope you all understand what is a dual bevel miter saw? And how does it work? A dual bevel miter saw is one of the finest tools and effortlessly makes both miter cuts and bevel cuts.  

It is a combination of a basic miter saw and a compound miter saw. A dual bevel miter saw is quite similar to a single bevel miter saw. But a dual bevel miter saw is a time saver and also easy to manipulate.

Though a dual bevel miter saw is a little expensive than any other saw, it is usually well worth the cost. But if you purchase a dual bevel miter saw you will notice a considerable increase in convenience and time-saving.    

Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between the bevel and miter gears?

Ans: miter gears are a subset of bevel gears. Both miter gear and bevel gears have the same number of teeth on mating gears. Bevel gear can transmit power at an angle. When bevel gears send power at ninety degrees and the ratio of the gear is 1;1 those are called miter gears.

 What is the inequality between a miter saw and a chop saw?

Ans: A chop saw is able to move straight up and down and make straight cuts into the wood. But a miter saw is able to make different angle cuts. Miter saw is more versatile than a chop saw. On the other hand, a chop saw is powerful and larger than a miter saw.

A miter saw is more capable to make fine and accurate cuts efficiently. A miter saw can rotate that helps to make angle cuts but a chop saw can only make straight cuts.

Is a double bevel miter saw worth it?

Ans: If you are going to buy a compound miter saw, a dual bevel miter saw is always the best option. Though it is a little bit costly it is worth the money.it comes with great features and helps to make accurate cuts.  

Why do I need a double bevel compound miter saw?

Ans: if you are a professional and contractor you must need a dual bevel miter saw. It is probably used for working with complex projects. A dual bevel saw can easily make tough angle cuts precisely and quickly.

You do not have to move the board for getting proper cuts. It is able to make your task easier and of course a time saver. But if you are not a professional woodworker you can easily manage with a single bevel miter saw. 

What are the differences between a 12’’ and a 10’’ miter saw?

Ans: There is no major difference between a 12’’ and the 10 ‘’ miter saw. A 12’’ dual bevel miter saw is able to cut projects that are a little bigger (up to 10’’ wide) but a 10’’ miter saw is able to cut boards or wooden pieces up to 6 inches wide.

A 12’’ miter saw can rotate faster and be able to make quick cuts precisely. A 10’’ saw also offers precise cuts.A 10’’ miter saw is quite affordable than a 12’’ miter saw.

Is a dual bevel miter saw eligible for crown molding?

Ans : Yes. A dual bevel miter saw is the best miter saw for crown molding. Because it is able to make cuts in both left and right directions. It is perfect to make accurate cuts and easily create crown molding.So, you can choose a dual bevel saw if you want to make perfect crown molding.

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