Dewalt miter saw stand with wheels Review.

Are you looking for the best miter saw stands? If the portability of the tool is your main concern, then no doubt, the Dewalt miter saw stand with wheels would be the best option for you.

The Dewalt DWX726 miter saw stand with wheels is a phenomenal product in the current market and is highly preferred by professionals. This miter saw stand is available on all online platforms and one can get easy access to the product.

Already excited after knowing these facts? You would definitely love the product once you know it all. Let us explore the product now.

If your miter saw is a bearer cord left handed circular saw, it is sort of mandatory for you to invest in a good saw stand.

The product has a universal design and suits almost all types of saws, irrespective of brands.

The dimension of the product is 16*17*10 inches. It can hold a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. The best part about this miter saw stand is that there are no batteries required for its accent performance.

It has been designed with an extreme sturdiness that is able to take 300 LB capacity. It has a one-time assembly and assisted raising and lowering for quick and easy setup. Wide adjustable work supports provide up to 8 inches of material support. Mounting rail adapts to nearly any miter saw.


Diving into the detailed characteristics of this product will surely help you to understand why you should invest in it.

The features of the miter saw stand with wheels are listed below.

  • 5-½ inch beam that extends itself. This beam provides extensive support to the material to carry out smooth and efficient cutting of the material up to 500 lbs
  • The product has leg-log levers. These levers are designed so that the product can be set easily and faster. It also has foldable legs that allow efficient & smooth storage.
  • The product comes with extension lock levers which help in fast & secured tightening of the levers and reduce the chances of misplacements and errors.
  • The product is extremely lightweight and weighs about 29lbs. It has an aluminum construction which makes it easy to carry around places and highly portable.
  • The product has non-marring feet which deter the product from being scratched. Also has an extended tool height of 32 inches, while the folded tool height is 6 inches. The extended tool width is 151 inches while the folded tool width is 70 inches.
  • The product also comes with mounting brackets that help in the efficient mounting of the miter saw safely.

All the above mentioned attributes make this product sharp and efficient to use.

What should you buy this product?

Dewalt miter saw stands with wheels had created a huge stir among the professionals and the amateurs. Let’s find out what are the various things we get with this product.

Saw Stand

Dewalt DWX726 is one of the best Dewalt miter saw stands with wheels. Saw stands are extremely useful for ensuring that the work is done and smooth. The Stand makes the work easier.

The saw stand that is provided in DWX 726 comes with wheels which make it extremely portable and lightweight. It reduces your back pain. There are also the least chances of making errors while working on the Dewalt saw stands.


The miter saw stand is extremely strong and durable. It is made up of pure wood and guarantees long lading performances. The wheels are sturdy and a Dewalt miter saw stand won’t collapse easily if excess pressure is not given.


Another attractive feature to look for in the Dewalt saw stand is its versatility. The saw stand has been modified to take any kinds of advanced miter saws even in the future. This stand with wheels can take any miter saw of any brand or model.


The Dewalt DWX726 is extremely compatible as it can be operated with any kind of miter saw. The compatibility of the stand makes the work efficient and smooth.


The saw stand with wheels comes with a strong guarantee of 5 years. It also has a 90-day money-back guarantee for any issues found in the product within this period.

What are the Advantages of buying this product?

Before investing in the Dewalt miter saw stand with wheels, you should definitely look into the advantages borne by this product.


The product, Dewalt miter saw stand with wheels DWX726 has been preferred by several professions and amateurs because of its massive advantages.

Most of its features have been proven to be advantageous to the professions. Let us now elaborative know about them.


The construction of this product is sturdy and it possesses a frame of steel. The steel frame is strong and heavily coated with powder.

Generally, other miter saw stands, like Dewalt miter saw stand dwx723, do not come with powder coating. Powder coating makes the product extremely strong and sustainable to any working conditions.

This product does not reveal any signs of slowing down even after a rigorous use of the product for five consecutive years.

Assisted Operations

Generally, normal miter saw stands come up with limited heights. This is not the case for the Dewalt miter saw stand dwx726.

This product comes with an assisted operation where the height can be changed and fixed as per the requirement of the work. You can increase or lower the height of the sand with just one hand and adjust it to your convenience.

This feature makes the product extremely comfortable and gives you a smoother cutting experience. Your height and reach will never be a problem once you have this product installed.

All-Terrain Wheels

Generally, Dewalt miter saw stance with point cannot be carried everywhere because of the varied terrain. Well, that problem is gone! With this product, traveling across the terrain is not at all a task.

The DWX726 saw stand comes with wheels that have been designed to be suited to the varied terrain. The wheels are sturdy and can be transported at every level.

The strong rubber wheels make the product easier to launch at any place in the job site without any difficulty, even if the terrain is rocky or extremely uneven.

Rolling miter saw stand

This product is often considered to be the best rolling miter saw stand because it doesn’t have rigidity.

Rigid rolling miter saw stands are often hard to be placed in given situations and also prove to be a hindrance to the smooth cutting experiences.

Vertical Storage

Another interesting feature of this product is that it has vertical storage which facilitates minimal storage space to get folded up.

Although the wheels of the product don’t fold as a package, the wheels fold flat and do not take more space than other miter saw stands.

The miter saw folds from 321/2“and 98” wide to 17” high and 591/2” wide. This makes the product easily foldable and can be stored in any desired place when the product is not in use.

Material Support

The product comes up with innovative material support that urges consumers to buy the product at the very first instance.

The product provides 8 feet of material support. The material support makes the work easier and covers up the efforts of managing long pieces of cutting.

The in-feed and the out-feed material can be adjusted to your convenience. It is another interesting feature because it provides the exact support that you might need on the material while you are working on it.


Often, while buying the perfect saw stand for cutting purposes, people tend to overlook the cons or the disadvantages of the product.

Cutting Angles

The Dewalt miter saw stand with wheels does not provide a solid base for the angular cuts. Dewalt miter saw angle with disk stands with wheels are rare. This product does not provide a solid base for the cutting angles.

Build Quality

The build quality of the product is low. The screw and the fittings are often loose and tend to break easily on putting heavy loads.

Poor Marking

The unassembled parts of the product are not marked properly. This often leads to confusion among the users and leads to poor user experience.

Dewalt miter saw stand with wheels Buying Guide

Often people get confused in choosing the right or the perfect miter saw stand for their tool. There are certain criteria based on which you can make your choice for selecting the most appropriate miter saw stand with wheels easily.

Let us know some of the important criteria for choosing the best miter saw stand with wheels.

Cutting Capacity

The best way to choose the perfect miter saw stand is to find out the cutting capacity. The saw stands are being provided to continue with the easy cutting of the materials.

If the saw stand is not strong enough to provide a base for cutting the material, the stand is worth your price.

While investing in the saw stand with wheels, do make sure that the stand provides a substantial base for cutting heavy materials without any hindrances.


Another criterion that you must keep in mind while buying the best miter saw stand with heels is the amount of portability.

The main focus of the saw stand with wheels is to be portable so that it can be carried to any place you want.

Before investing in the Dewalt miter saw stand dwx726, you should always focus on whether the stand is lightweight and the wheels are smooth enough to be carried and placed across all forms of terrains.


Prior to buying the Dewalt miter saw stand, you should always compare your prices with other miter saw stands.

There are several products from the house of Dewalt but the Dewalt miter saw stand dwx724 is very much within an affordable range.

Comparing the price with other miter saw stands is very important before buying this product.


Dewalt has different prices for several models of the miter saw stands. Before buying the most accurate miter saw stand for the cutting capacity, choosing the correct model for your purpose is very important.

It is very important that you focus on the versatility and attractiveness of the model. An attractive model not only looks good but also reduces your fatigue towards the work.


Lastly, efficiency is one of the key contributors to the selection of the miter saw stand. If a product does not provide efficiency, there is no credit in buying it.

The product needs to be fast, durable, efficient, and portable. The product provides a strong base and provides material support to cutting practices.

Let’s Conclude

If you are looking for a perfect brand for your saw stand, you must choose a miter saw stand with wheels from the house of Dewalt.

The quality of products delivered by this brand is unmatched and it would be a perfect accessory for your miter saw. It might not improve the work’s efficiency but will definitely make the work faster. It will also help in removing stress on the back pain.

As you can witness by yourself, the pros of this product overpower the cons, you are sure to gain a look of support for your saw. So what are you waiting for? Grab your Dewalt miter saw stand with wheels today!

Frequently Asked Question

How do you unlock a Dewalt miter saw?

  • There is a small knob on the top of the miter saw. That knob keeps the entire machine locked up. Apply pressure on the knob and move it, your miter saw will be unlocked.

How do you adjust the angle on a Dewalt miter saw?

  • The miter plate is placed in the detent plate with three to four screws. You have to pull these using a T25 Torx Bit. Lock the saw in the zero degrees position and push the blade gently. Tap to reach a perfect 90 degrees and lock again.

Are miter saws stands universal?

  • Yes, these miter saw stands are generally universal and can fit with various saws from different brands or houses.

How do you put wheels on a miter saw stand?

Frame out the low arrangement and put screws through the wheels to tighten. Thus, the wheels are ready for your stand.

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