Dewalt Miter Saw And Stand Combo-Review, Benefits.

Do you need a miter saw for carpentries or any other related project? Dewalt miter saw and stand combo can be a good option for you.

Miter saws are perfect for angles cut, trim, cross-cuts, and the Dewalt miter saw and stand combo helps you achieve your carpentry goals smoothly.

While talking about miter saws, it is quite obvious that the miter saw stands would come into consideration. This is because they are interlinked and are partners with each other in terms of woodworking assignments.

Would you like to explore the product? Let us have a defined analysis of the product through this article.

The Dewalt miter saw including stand collection has some revolutionary features which make this machine a dream choice for the carpenters & other woodworking experts.

It has a simple quick-release bevel system which makes it easy to change the bevel angle. The saw has an outstanding cutting efficiency for both small & large-profile jobs.

What are the various Dewalt miter saws with stand available?

Dewalt miter saw with stand wheels provides job site mobility as there is a rubber grip in the wheels of the stand.

The saws from the brand of Dewalt offer a selection of miter saw accessories & stands including rolling, compact and heavy-duty miter saw with stands.

Let us quickly go through the 3 types to understand how they differ.

Rolling Miter Saw stand

Dewalt DWX726 rolling miter saw stand is a convenient solution to transport the saw between the job sticks.

There is also a possibility of a one-time assembly for quick & easy setup. Apart from this, there are rubber gripped wheels that facilitate portability. The best thing is that the adjustable mounting rails adapt to most miter saws.

Let us have a look at some more of its attributes.

  • Easy Jobsite mobility is provided by wide rubber gripped wheels.
  • The tubular steel construction makes the product quite durable and allows it to bear around 300 lbs of maximum weight.
  • It has a Compact vertical storage option that maximizes workplace efficiency and ease of transport.

Straightforward one-time assembly minimizes the downtime.

Compact Miter Saw stand

Dewalt DWX724 Compact Miter Saw Stand is designed to work with all brands of miter saws.

The design of this stand is quite compact and has a light-weighted aluminum construction weighing around 29.8 lbs. This allows for easy transportation and the leg-lock lever allows you for quick set up.

Let’s go through the other attributes that this awesome stand possesses.

  • The possibility of storage is enhanced by its compact design.
  • Legs of the stand provide superior support and fold for easy storage.
  • For fast and secure locking of extensions, there is an extension lock lever.
  • The presence of tool mounting brackets allow easy and secure mounting of a miter saw to the sta

Heavy Duty Miter Saw stand

The Dewalt DWX723 Heavy-Duty Miter Saw Stand is designed in a universal fashion so that it can work with miter saws of all the brands available in the market.

The stands are light-weighted and with the aluminum construction, it weighs around 29 lbs. This enables the easy transport of your saw between two job sites.

The legs of the stands are made in such a way that they provide superior support and can fold for easy storage.

Let us know a few more things about the product.

  • For fast and easy setup leg lock levers are there.
  • For easy and secure mounting of the miter saw to stand there is a miter saw mounting bracket.
  • You can reposition the supports anywhere along with the rail work in a quicker manner.
  • For the presence of non-marring feet on the tool mount, there is no possibility of scratches on the material.
  • For fast and secure tightening of extensions, there are extension lock levers.

Facts about the Bosch miter saw stand

When you go to buy a miter saw stand you need to keep in mind some important parameters like- stability, out-feed, support, ease of use, mobility, and value for money.

The best thing about the Bosch miter saw stands is that they come with the best value for money.

There are three types of Bosch miter saw found – Folding-Leg Miter Saw Stand with Wheels, Folding-Leg Miter Saw Stand, and Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand with Wheels.

Folding-Leg miter saw stand with wheels

It features a highly industrial design and has a stand with smooth end rollers. The adjustable leveling foot works on uneven surfaces make it a more desirable product.


  • Rapid-release universal tool mount.
  • Adjustable roller material.
  • One-handed carry handle with wrench storage to carry stand quickly.
  • The saw can be removed easily and one-handedly
  • Dual sliding rails for expanding the support material up to 16 feet
  • Adjustable leveling foot to work on uneven surfaces.
  • Lightweight and durable folding leg
  • An all-aluminum construction for job site performance and compact transport & storage.
  • Extra-wide roller to accommodate larger material and work-pieces.
  • Repetitive stops for making repetitive cuts to length.

Folding-Leg Miter Saw Stand

It features universal quick-action tool mounts to fit most of the miter saw. It features integrated repetitive stops.


  • Transport wheels to easily move the stand from one location to another.
  • One-handed carry handle with wrench storage to carry stand quickly
  • Easy one-handed removal of the miter saw
  • Dual sliding rails for expanding support material up to 16 feet
  • Adjustable leveling foot for working on uneven surfaces
  • An all-aluminum construction for job site performance.
  • Extra-wide roller to accommodate larger material and workpieces.
  • Repetitive stops for making consecutive cuts.

Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand with Wheels

The integrated out-feed and supports hold up to 18 ft of material. The mounting system is universal which allows users to use it with all saws from the major competitor brands.


  • Integrated outfeed to support up to 18 feet of material support capacity
  • Adjustable telescoping leveling legs provide stability on uneven surfaces
  • Adjustable outfeed up to 12 inches in height
  • Integrated rubber wheels to enable easy movement of the stand even with the saw attached to it.

Why the Dewalt miter saw is considered the best?

The saws from the house of Dewalt are very strong and effective and when it comes to comparison with other brands, the Dewalt miter saw clearly wins the race for its extra-ordinary features.

Let us know in detail the extraordinary features that we can get with these Dewalt saws.

Precious cutting without any sort of calibration

The Dewalt miter saw has a new cross-cut alignment system with solid construction. Many of the models feature an LED which helps to move the blade accurately along with the material.

This unique kind of alignment does not demand any kind of recalibration even after changing the blades. This makes the saw more durable and accurate.

Offers hassle-free operation

The Dewalt miter saw comes with a dual bevel system which is easy to visualize. It is highly visible in job site conditions and the angle can be adjusted easily with very little effort.

The bevel features various degrees with positive stops in both left and right direction.

Range of Application

Dewalt miter saws are used for furniture making, trim work, and a lot more.

These can be used by beginners, professional woodworkers, carpenters, cabinet & stair installers, general contractors, cabinet manufacturers, case and base installers, and a lot more people.

The products from the brand of Dewalt are ideal for those looking for the best-in-class miter saw for working on the benchtop or for job site applications.

Plethora of Models

Dewalt is known for offering various special features along with its different models & products.

When you look for offerings by DeWalt you can opt for the best miter saws or maybe some budget saws delivering excellence. But certain features might get sacrificed when opting for a budget saw model. Don’t worry, you will still have a lot of features to explore.

The company as well offers a universal design which can impart much-needed convenience to the users.

Portable and ease of Transport

There are several light-weighted miter saws which are offered by Dewalt. The saws barely weigh 42 pounds.

Most of the designs come with a built-in carry handle which permits you to move it around the job site with much ease.  The models can be lifted in a comfortable manner no matter what the task is.

Warranty Package

All Dewalt saws come with a package of 3 minimum years of warranty. A service contract of 1 year is offered over most of the models.

The Dewalt models are well known for their 90-day money-back guarantee offer. It makes them the best buy in this segment.

Powerful and Smart design

The Dewalt models are packed with a powerful motor. Quick work of molding or cutting frame is ensured by no-load speed. This as well permits quick completion of miter-cutting as well as cross-cutting tasks.

The sturdy saw offered is designed to deliver both excellent accuracy and a versatile setup for handling a variety of applications.

Benefits of buying the Dewalt miter saw and stand combo


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful motor
  • Powerful stock blades
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Versatile and accurate
  • Compact design
  • Stands are lightweight aluminum construction
  • Stands are easily transportable


  • The dust bag is not spacious.
  • Lacks a laser guide.

What is a mobile miter saw stand?

The terms are somewhat self-explanatory here as the mobile miter stands are known for their mobility which allows you to move the stand as well as the saw to any location you desire.

Mobile miter saw stand helps your saw on the job site for easy use.

What is the function of Dewalt miter saw stand brackets?

Dewalt Miter Saw Stand Brackets come with an easy release attachment clamp, which enables quicker attachment and removal of the tool from the stand.

This is usually made of hard steel and is very stable. Once you have these installed, heavy-duty operations can be carried out by your Dewalt miter saw and angle mixed cuts can be easily obtained.


What is the harbor freight miter saw stand?

The saws from Harbor freight miter saw are good, durable, and easy to use.

If you are looking for a saw and are a bit clueless about where to begin your search, there can be nothing better than Harbor Freight to start with.

Harbor Freight a great selection of miter saw stands, tool stands, work stands, and other saw-related products. At Harbor Freight you’ll spend a lot less time and find great value.


After knowing all the facts about the product we can say that Dewalt miter saws are best known for their accuracy and when it comes to woodworking projects or even assignments related to other material, they deliver outstandingly.

Dewalt miter saw stands are also lightweight and easy to transport and easy to use.

Concerning precision cut, ease of use, hassle-free operation, easy transportation, mobility, there can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that the  Dewalt miter saw and stand combo is best for professionals as well as beginners.

FrequentlyAsked Question

Does this saw use laser light?

  • Yes, some of Dewalt saw comes with laser light feature which helps to mark the blade’s path across the material.

What is the depth of cutting vertically at the fence?

  • The depth of the cut is varied by moving the blade up and down. The higher the blade protrudes above the table, the deeper the cut that is made in the material.

Which saw should you use to get a 6×6 cut?

  • The best saw to get a 6×6 cut is a battery-powered reciprocating saw.

Why is my saw giving kick-backs?

  • Overheating of the saw blade is the cause of giving kick-back.

    Kickback is the term for when a piece of wood is ripped, and either pinches the blade or turns outward against the blade of the spinning saw and is propelled back towards the operator at a high rate of speed.

Is the accuracy of sliding saws less?

  • Sliding miter saws are accurate to a point but it is less able to make extreme angled cuts.

Be sure about your project requirements before you invest in a sliding saw.

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